Marriage Tips For Men – Five Vitally Important Things To Focus On

Your marriage is the most critical relationship of your life. It is the one you should take care of more than anything else – yes, it is even more important than your job! But are you treating it that way? Or are you allowing your marriage to become less important than a rusty old car?

Important Tips For Married Men
Many people are looking for a happy marriage… but few ever find it. And yet, it is actually all relatively easy… IF you are willing to listen and to change your behaviour.

In this article we shall look at some of the most important tips to keep your marriage a happy one, and to have your wife stay in love with you forever.

Many of these tips will probably not be completely new ideas to you, but the thing to ask yourself is, “Am I absolutely, 100% within the boundaries of this tip?” Do I really live up to what this asks of me, or am I more of a “borderline case?”

Tip 1: Never Cheat On Your Wife
In the Bible God forbids adultery because God knows that it results in the worst break-up of trust and thus destroys marriages.

It doesn’t only destroy marriages, however, it often also destroys innocent peoples’ lives in the process – the children.

And last but not least, it shows a complete and total disregard for God, maybe even disrespect towards Him.

In your striving to remain true to your wife, it is also advisable to avoid too-close relationships with other women – especially in the work environment. Often these relationships start out as mere friendships, but they could develop into something that you don’t want. And if the risk is there that it could go from friendship to affair, then it is best to break that friendship before it goes too far. Rather be safe than sorry.

This is such an important factor that the Bible actually warns us to not even look at a woman in a desiring way. Why? Because, as the Bible knew and Mike Dooley said, “Thoughts become things.” If you even think of what it would be like to be with that sexy woman at the office, you have already committed adultery in your heart.

Adultery is a big NO-NO!

Guard the value of your marriage with absolute jealousy, and don’t allow anything to threaten it. Begin, therefore, by placing the Royal Guard at the entrance to your brain, and refuse to let any thought enter that could cause harm to your precious marriage.

Tip 2: Be Honest
Honesty is something without which no person can really build a reliable, trusted relationship. And in marriage it is even more important than in the “outside” world.


Because your marriage is the most important relationship of your entire life. And your wife is the most important person in your life.

Not being honest with your wife is therefore something that you should not even consider because it shows a lack of love and respect for her, as well as a lack of commitment to her and to your marriage.

Tip 3: Cultivate Good Habits
Instead of getting into the habit of criticising your wife, rather cultivate the habit of supporting her. Also cultivate the habit of encouraging her, rather than blaming her for something (anything) that might have gone wrong.

Cultivating the habit of listening to your wife – really, actively listening – is one of the best investments you could make in your relationship. Why? Because women are more emotional than men, and when they talk they could be saying something other than what the words might indicate if you listen superficially. But if you really listen to what she means instead of only to what she says you will be able to move a lot closer to her heart.

Cultivating the habit of respecting your wife is another investment of pure gold into your relationship. Do everything in your power to always let her feel respected – especially in front of the children, friends and family.

If you have the habit of bribing her, then replace that habit with the one of negotiating. Bribing comes from the angle of “I am right and you are wrong”, while negotiation takes the opposite approach of “I need your input in order for us to make a joint decision properly.”

Tip 4: Be Kind To Your Wife
If you say you love your wife but you are not kind to her, you are a liar! Where love is, kindness follows.

This should not even be a tip on its own, therefore, because it is a natural result of true love.

Here are some simple examples of what it means to be showing kindness to your wife:

  • Listen when she tells you something
  • Say “Yes” a lot more frequently than “No” when she asks you a favour
  • Show her respect
  • Tell her – AND show her – how much you appreciate her
  • Give her your coat when she is cold
  • Offer to help her with chores in and around the house (in other words, don’t wait for her to ask – go offer your help before she asks)

Tip 5: Compliment Your Wife
It is very important that you compliment your wife every day. She wants to be complimented, and she needs your compliments more than anybody else’s.

But be sincere about it. There is nothing more unflattering – and useless – than a superficial compliment.

Look out for opportunities to compliment her. Does she smell nice? Was the meal delicious? Does her dress look smart on her? Does she make every effort to give the children a good education? Does she work a full day, and when she gets home then she still has to cook a meal and do the washing?

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of little things to look out for and that you can then use to compliment your wife. Maybe she is a good kisser. Well, tell her that.

As you start getting into the habit of looking for opportunities to compliment your wife, you will undoubtedly discover many more than the few that were mentioned above. Use them to good advantage, and watch how her love for you increases!

As we have seen, your marriage is the most critical relationship of your life. It is the one you should take care of more than anything else. You can start having a wonderful marriage if you are a good husband. In this article we have covered some tips on what is needed to be a good husband. Learn these things, but more importantly – DO them – and your marriage will just keep on improving as time passes.

Never Stop Working On Your Marriage