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Detox and Lose Weight: Eliminate These 3 Foods for Faster Weight Loss

When it comes to successfully detoxifying and losing weight, you need to know the dangers of these three foods: sugar, artificial sweeteners and processed foods. In other words, these foods could be the main reasons why you are struggling to lose weight.

When you eliminate these foods from your diet you will quickly get rid of the accumulation of fat and toxins–and lose weight faster.

1 – Sugar

Did you know the average person consumes 1/2 a pound of sugar per day! When you think about it, sugar is in almost everything, which means you could be eating tons of sugar without even realizing it.

And I’m sure you know the damage sugar can do to your health. Sugar contains nothing but empty calories. When you eat large portions of sugar (or foods that contain sugar), it gets stored in your body as fat. Too much sugar in your diet makes you look and feel tired and fatigued–and makes you gain weight. Sugar can also depress your metabolism and raise your risk of diabetes.

So it’s important to reduce the “sugar highs.” This is where a good detox regimen comes in. By detoxifying your system, you can reduce the sugar in your body faster, get rid of the accumulation of fat and start losing weight.

2 – Artificial “Low Calorie” Sweeteners

But before you run out and buy those zero-calorie diet drinks, you should know this: Artificial sweeteners used in those diet drinks and low-calorie products are toxic chemicals. They are unnaturally manufactured in a lab and are not good for you. It’s vital for you to detoxify your body and stay away from artificial sweeteners as quickly as possible.

And if you think you’re going to lose weight faster by using artificial sweeteners, think again. Artificial sweeteners actually stimulate your appetite and make you eat more food.

It’s been shown that chemical sweeteners actually cause excessive appetite and cravings for more food, as well as problems with your metabolism and hormones. In fact, some chronic illnesses and conditions (such as depression, anxiety, migraines, mood changes and slow metabolism) can be directly related to how these artificial sweeteners interact with the normal process of your body. These artificial sweeteners can actually cause the digestive, metabolic and hormonal problems, you may be experiencing and which contribute to carrying around that excess weight.

3 – Processed Foods

As you know, processed foods are usually cheap, convenient and easy to prepare. But unfortunately, these foods are very bad for you. Of course, food manufacturers aren’t going to give you a rundown of the unhealthy ingredients they use to prepare the processed foods, so I’ll do it for you.

First, many processed foods contain huge amounts of trans fat. Trans fats make it difficult to lose weight and contributes to weight gain. Trans fat is one ingredient you want to get away from as fast as possible.

Second, some of your favorite processed foods are loaded with high fructose corn syrup. High fructose corn syrup has been getting a lot of press lately because it is believed to be a major player in the rising epidemic of obesity. Experts agree high fructose corn syrup may be partially to blame for causing problems with your metabolism, which increases the likelihood of gaining weight. Cut down on processed foods and you will increase the likelihood of losing weight.

Third, manufacturers use chemicals in processed foods. These toxic chemicals contribute to sluggish digestion and metabolic imbalances that make it hard for you to lose weight. So you see the importance of doing a detox to cleanse these chemicals from your body as quickly as you can.

As you can see, the main culprits of weight gain are these three foods: sugar, artificial sweeteners and processed foods. You will lose weight faster when you detox these unhealthy substances from your body.

Food Product Development – The Best Choice

With the ever growing need for earning more money to meet family needs it is very hard to see a single earning member family. In almost every home both members of the family go to work which makes it extremely difficult to spend much time at home cooking a proper meal for the family. Hence there is always a great demand for time saving and convenient foods, better known as instant food. To cater to the needs of the ever growing public product development food is increasing.

The food development industry requires many numbers of qualified people who have great skills to meet the demand of people who want to get instant foods according to their choice and convenience. To become a product development food employee one requires great knowledge and skill and most of all a great passion for food.

Food development skills that could allow one to join the product development food industry include a great knowledge of the global cuisines, ingredients and a sound knowledge about various foods. It also would require practical skills, foreign travel and experiment various food items and a great desire to do many research trends.

It also would require that a food development person have a complete understanding about the science of food namely the nutrition and the food chemistry. They should also have updated information and knowledge about the retail product development food market by gaining access to food magazines, trade press, shopping and the internet.

Besides all this the most vital point to consider for becoming a good food development person is to possess key skills like communication, work independently and also with others and have ICT capability.

A large group in the product development food industry comprise of technical managers, marketing personnel, graphic designers, commercial directors, nutrition experts, lawyers and microbiologists. This team should have a sound rapport with each other to put together a safe, attractive and successful product development food design which meets the legal standards.

Not all foods launched are able to get an NPD certification as the right product development food that matches the standards of the competitive consumer market. Many of them suffer with own label copies of supermarkets and disappear as fast as they are launched. The copyright of product names, ideas, process and packaging are very common practices in the food development industries today.

The NPD standards vary from one product development food design to the other. There is a vast difference with own labels and brand labels. Hence supermarket personnel should keep their loyalty to customers and develop new ideas regularly. If one considers an own label food product it may not have a long shelf life especially because it is handmade and the production cost would be lesser than a brand product.

However, on the other hand, a brand label would have an entire food development company working on the product after going through an intense research on the ingredients and the technology in the preparation of the particular food. Though these brand foods may seem more expensive they have been tested and passed the NPD test.